Tsuru Captial


We currently have a full-house and are not looking to hire; however, we are accepting applications for future roles. Please email your cover letter (including preferred position), cv, and code sample. For follow-ups, questions, or general enquires we prefer chat over email; you can find us on irc @ freenode #tsurucapital.

Do you love Haskell? Do you like problem solving and finding elegant solutions? Are you not opposed to making money?

Tsuru is a fast growing company looking to expand its team. Ideally candidates should enjoy what they do and excel in their field.

The core communication language here is English.

To summarize our hiring process:

  1. Send your cover letter, cv, and code sample to jobs [@] tsurucapital [.] com
  2. Schedule a group video (requires Skype 5.0+ or Google+ Hangouts)
  3. Three month working interview or internship in either Vancouver, Canada or Tokyo

All positions below are on-site unless specified otherwise.


Our daily work involves modifying and operating code to respond to changes in market conditions. Ongoing work involves performance tuning, algorithmic improvements and development of trading strategies. Candidates should be familiar with analyzing Haskell runtime performance, identifying compiler issues and writing efficient code. A background understanding of Linux systems programming and IP networking is desirable. We try to keep our office environment relaxed, but you should be comfortable working under pressure when the market demands it.

There are a wide range of tools and applications that we want to build over time, including graphical interfaces and profiling tools for our trading system, parsers for new market feeds, and algorithms for trading strategies. If you have experience in any one of these areas it's a definite bonus.

Ideally you can work well in a team environment, willing to mentor staff, able to assess and fix problems in high-pressure situations, and be able to work during market hours.


Programmers have experience programming in a functional language, and are familiar with Haskell, systems programming, and web development, to join our global team. Experience with Linux/Unix system administration is preferred, and familiarity with Git is essential.

The exact role is not fixed yet but we are looking for individuals that can assist our traders. We have several projects on the go at any given time, and we will expect that you can quickly adapt to any one of our problem domains.


See programmer description for more details.