Tsuru Captial


Do you love Haskell? Do you like problem solving and finding elegant solutions? Are you not opposed to making money?

Tsuru is a fast growing company looking to expand its team. Ideally candidates should enjoy what they do and excel in their field.

The core communication language here is English.

To summarize our hiring process:

  1. Send your cover letter, cv, and code sample to jobs [@] tsurucapital [.] com
  2. Schedule a group video (requires Skype 5.0+ or Google+ Hangouts)
  3. Three month working interview or internship in either Vancouver, Canada or Tokyo

We are hiring! Follow the instruction above, and if you have any problems ask us! We are always on irc @ freenode #tsurucapital.


We have some Ubuntu machines running our Haskell code, in production and simulation, distributed over three countries. We have developers hacking Haskell on Git repos, and we ship a lot of data around internally. We need someone who groks our systems and tools to automate and simplify things as we grow our operations. Our ideal candidate will have experience in programming, building and tuning servers, networking and security, and data backup and redundancy.

This position requires some Ruby knowledge, specifically Chef, we use Chef to keep our 80+ servers/workstations up-to-date. We prefer candidates with (functional) programming experience, hopefully Haskell, we write a lot of Haskell code. If you really want to get our attention, try completing our code sample.

This position is located in Tokyo.