Tsuru Captial

What We Do

Tsuru Capital is a proprietary trading fund. We believe in using well written software to design and execute efficient trading strategies in financial markets. Our strategies are all objective and are as far as possible executed by the software itself. There are no "traders" as such. Everyone contributes to the improvement of the core strategy and its analytical tools. Our main focus is markets where we can execute low risk strategies with good returns. These tend to be high volume with low margin and allow us to make money without taking large positions.

At the moment our focus is mainly on option market-making strategies in active listed markets. Our edge is in superior strategies and efficient low latency execution. We use the Haskell programming language almost exclusively since we believe it gives the best combination of high-level cleanliness, execution safety and high performance.


Offices are located in Tokyo and Vancouver, Canada. We use apartments for our offices and the atmosphere is casual. Working hours and styles are flexible. Please see our employment page for more details.